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Hello, thank you for visiting my web page.  My favorite pastime is cooking.
I really LOVE to cook, it's more like my favorite preoccupation.
The recipes on my pages are collected from many sources.  I have been
cooking and creating recipes since I was about five years old, maybe
younger.  As a kid, I spent many hours in the kitchen watching my Mom and Dad
cook,  I am writing my own cookbook which will contain my original recipes
plus many of my parents original recipes from decades ago.

My dad was a pilot, so I grew up traveling all over the world.
He loved to cook and since he traveled internationally, he was always coming
home with a new recipe idea from a country he visited (we were NOT picky
eaters in my family!).

We lived in Singapore  for a couple of years and  were introduced to some
wonderful food there.  I also lived in Texas and Louisiana, the food in
Louisiana is really awesome. There, my family and I used to catch crabs out of
the bayou, now that's fresh! We ate our fair share of crawfish too!
All except my little pet crawfish, Chloe..... Growing up, I think I tried
to make a pet out of everything!

Now I live in California, but I'm eager for a change of scenery!
(four seasons with lots of wild game and fishing!)

My dog Bart passed away last November, 2005, he developed Cushing's disease.
We miss him so much but luckily, he had a long life, 14 years.

  Holly a new pup in this picture, is now 4 years old
(and not quite as thin anymore, she loves my cooking! I try
and keep it healthy for her though)

Here's a picture of Bart & Holly together sleeping.  They got along
great the very first day I brought Holly home. She was definitely
meant to be a part of our little family! I found her up for adoption
at our local pet store and it was Bart's birthday, so I thought I'd
surprise him with a new friend.

My cat Lily, who is 5 now, is also a part of the family, she's a great
little hunter, needless to say, I don't fill my bird feeders anymore!
Wish she could bring me home a pheasant!

I had another great dog a few years ago, Beau but he's gone now. He and
Bart were pals.

Can you tell I love animals?

  Check back for more pics! 

Hope you enjoy your visit at my page and come back again,
I am always working on it, when I have time, that is....

My page is always under construction so please understand the
occasional broken link or change in design...Thank you!


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